Anthony Hayes – Don’t Buy Software from this guy… if you upset him or mention an issue with his software, refuses refund and calls you a Fuckwit.

I will let the conversation we had on his Skype group show this person true colors.

Do not do business with this person, he is unprofessional and even his own coder Gunpal admitted there is an issue with the software.   I never received a refund so don’t buy from this person, total unprofessional and fails to mention the issue in his sales page.

I was lucky I only bought Traffic Scout Alpha, 2 for 1 license with another person but this person has not a single ounce of professionalism, business nor personal.

All I asked for was a refund because the software did not work as advertised.  I hope these are all in order.

avoid his websites –
contact me at kcmib2(a)